Charlottesville, VA – September 25th, 2015



HackCville is going downtown to explore Cville’s own startups!

Students from universities across Virginia will come to Charlottesville for the day to join HackCville students for a tour of Charlottesville’s top startups. We will visit startup offices and then head to a mixer with dozens more founders from around town.

That evening, we’ll all attend the Tom Tom Fall Block Party at the IX Art Park, featuring 6 hours of live music, dance, craft beer, and good times.

The application is now live! Applications are due Friday, September 11th. Don’t miss out!





Borrowed & Blue

Borrowed & Blue is the editorial wedding website that helps brides imagine, plan, and share their dream locally-inspired wedding, all in one place.

WillowTree Apps

WillowTree Apps

WillowTree Apps is a mobile developer founded in 2007. Their aim is to deliver high quality software and build the best possible app to ensure that projects run smoothly, strategically, and predictably.



PsiKick develops next generation Ultra-Low-Power wireless sensing devices – the lowest-power sensing devices in the world. Their extreme energy efficiency enables them to be powered without a battery from a variety of sources including vibration, thermal gradients, solar, RF, or piezo actuation.


Premier, Inc.


Premier collects and analyzes clinical and financial data to improve efficiency of healthcare facilities. They use integrated data platforms to partner with companies and solve today’s healthcare challenges



Tom Tom Founders Festival

Tom Tom is a 501c3 nonprofit whose mission is to celebrate and empower the founders of creative, civic, and entrepreneurial projects. Ultimately, the festival seeks to leave lasting legacies of creativity throughout Charlottesville through public art and business formation.


ACAC Fitness & Wellness

ACAC’s mission is to provide a great fitness experience for members of all ages in a clean and safe environment. They are dedicated to the integration of medicine and fitness to improve community health by focusing on prevention, treatment and rehabilitation of lifestyle-related disease.

Studio IX

Studio IX

STUDIO IX is a coworking space in downtown Charlottesville, Virginia. They serve freelancers, entrepreneurs, and remote workers with a flexible shared office environment designed and managed to cultivate a collaborative community.




Hemoshear works to develop better models of human disease in order to find better drug targets and therapies.  They are passionate about profoundly impacting human health.



Charmed Designworks

Charmed Designworks

Based in Charlottesville, VA Charmed Designworks has been a full service design studio since 2001. They provide comprehensive brand management, user focused graphic design, and web development services. The team works out of the Ten Flavors co-op.

Spots are limited for this amazing event!

Applications are now closed.



Tom Tom


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